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Into the Path of Gods
Book 1 of the Macsen's Treasure Series
by Kathleen Cunningham Guler



ISBN-13: 9780966037104
ISBN-10: 0966037103
Hardcover ~ 416 pages ~ $22.95

In the war-torn fifth century, after the end of Roman rule and before King Arthur’s rise to power, spy and master of disguise Marcus ap Iorwerth diligently works to place the rightful high king in control of Britain. One of his duties, discrediting brokers of foreign mercenaries, leads him to Claerwen, an ethereal woman whose gift of visions draws him into the path of gods, a destiny as unshakable as the love they come to share. 

In time, they realize Claerwen has inadvertently become ensnared in a lethal conspiracy to locate the priceless sacred symbols of Britain’s high kings. Known collectively as Macsen’s Treasure and lost for decades, the symbols have become the target of a mazelike network of unknown enemies seeking power. Claerwen knows nothing of the treasure and Marcus makes every effort to protect her, but he is betrayed and disappears. Alone and homeless, Claerwen must decide whether to believe what everyone tells her, that Marcus is dead and she should go into hiding, or to follow her instinct and the path of gods on a daunting quest to find him and the truth of Macsen’s Treasure. 

A blend of Dark Age Britain’s history, its Celtic roots and the Arthurian legend, Into the Path of Gods introduces the spectacular four-part Macsen’s Treasure series set in the volatile years leading to King Arthur’s rise to power.


From Midwest Book Review:
"Into the Path of Gods is superb..."

From Keltic Fringe;
"...vivid...captivating...fascinating...Into the Path of Gods not only enchants us, it also transports us back into our ancestral past. I for one am eagerly anticipating the second book in [the] Macsen's Treasure series." 

From British Heritage magazine:
"...a page-turning, all-absorbing, can't-put-it-down thrill...engaging." 

From Ninnau (Welsh newspaper):
"...a vivid novel of suspense and once begun
 is very hard to put down..." 

From Waycross Journal-Herald:
"...a fresh view of the tapestry from which western romance is derived: the legend of Arthur...
May this bard visit us again..."