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In the Shadow of Dragons
Book 2 of the Macsen's Treasure Series
by Kathleen Cunningham Guler

Recipient of the
Colorado Independent Publishers Association
Book Award for Fiction 2002 
Evvy Award

  In the Shadow of Dragons      

ISBN-13: 9780966037128
ISBN-10: 096603712X
Hardcover ~ 384 pages ~ $25.00

ISBN-13: 9780966037135
ISBN-10: 0966037138
Softcover ~ 384 pages ~ $17.95

When the mysterious druid Myrddin Emrys — known in legend as Merlin the Enchanter — is certain the high king is in imminent danger of yet another assassination attempt, he summons iron-willed spy and master of disguise Marcus ap Iorwerth to uk replica watches unearth the conspirators and destroy their plots. Marcus reluctantly agrees to help after his wife Claerwen, driven by her otherworldly gift of visions, insists that she must accompany him on the quest.

It is soon discovered that Pascentius, the youngest son of an earlier and well-hated king, is allied with dreaded Saxon mercenaries and readily poised to reclaim his father’s throne. But before Marcus and Claerwen can spoil his plans, a second conspiracy of personal revenge closes in on them. Falsely declared fugitives by the very ones they had sought to help, they become trapped in a labyrinthine intrigue between their accusers and the replica watches uk traitors. In a desperate race against time, they must endure hardship and profound personal loss, while pushing Britain towards freedom, peace and the future called Arthur.

In the Shadow of Dragons continues the spectacular four-part Macsen’s Treasure series, blending Dark Age Celtic history, Arthurian legend and extraordinary original characters into an unstoppable, heart-thumping adventure.

From Library Journal:
 "...a richly detailed Arthurian adventure..."
"Kathleen Guler continues her superb blend of Dark Age
Celtic myth and Arthurian legend . . .

From Midwest Book Review:
 . . .compelling, entrancing and highly recommended -- 
the kind of book so easy to pick up and so hard to put down!"

From The Write Lifestyle:
"This is a superb novel! Guler excels at portraying the virtues and vices of swiss replica watches protagonists and antagonists. Rather than discovering a hero and heroine who are pristinely perfect, the reader is captivated by the gifts and weaknesses that propel these bold characters and block those who live from their dark side . . . Wonderful, simply wonderful . . ."

From Geoffrey Ashe, 
author of the acclaimed The Discovery of King Arthur:
"This is a very original story, carefully researched and skillfully written."

From Annette Gisby, author of Silent Screams:
" . . . a tapestry of words that enchant even as you read. The characters come alive, 
dancing off the page and into life. Highly recommended."

From The Best Reviews.com:
" . . . fast-paced and filled with non-stop action . . ."

From Waycross Journal-Herald:
" . . . a rich vein of literary gold . . .
Guler offers complex portraits of her characters, skillfully blending light and dark textures to their personalities. She infuses both protagonists and villains with very real, human motivations, often conflicting, yet ultimately leading each person to take their side . . .
This is adult adventure in the best sense."

From A Romance Review:
" This is a cracklingly good story that has been extraordinarily well researched. Ms. Guler 
possesses the gift of using words as a paintbrush — her settings come alive . . . "

From BookReview.com:
"Kathleen Cunningham Guler is quite a bard with
a refreshing look at the Arthurian legend."

From Love Romances:
" . . . very well written and highly detailed . . . heroic and realistic."

From Steamboat Magazine:
" . . . compelling drama . . ."