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Beyond the Ninth Wave - DVD
By Jen Delyth

  Beyond the Ninth Wave      


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Celtic Animation, Myth, Music and Poetry

Experience the Celtic Mysteries through the inspirational visuals, evocative music and ancient poetry of Beyond the Ninth Wave. Animated mystical symbols, sacred places, and mythical creatures intertwine with layers of translucent video and the brilliant colors of Celtic Art. Over 100 pages of poetry and symbols accompany movies. Soundtracks weave contemporary and traditional Celtic music with ancient and modern poetry by Gilli Smith, Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, John and Caitlin Matthews, Hildegard de Bingen (12th Century), Taliesin (6th Century), Fiona Macleod.


"A wonderful, luminous presentation!
Beyond the Ninth Wave
really brings the spirit of Celtic vision to life. I recommend this DVD to anyone interested in the lore and life of the Celts."
-- John Matthews

“The Ninth Wave is the mystical border between worlds,” according to Welsh artist Jen Delyth. For anyone wishing to delve into this border, Beyond the Ninth Wave is a mystical journey that will be thoroughly enjoyed. This easy to explore interactive DVD showcases Delyth’s gorgeous artwork, interweaving it with traditional and contemporary Celtic music and poetry. The DVD includes nine animated movies that can be viewed together as a feature film or individually as chapters. Within each chapter are not only the movie, but also links to poetry, descriptions of mythological symbols, and notes about the artists pertaining to that chapter. A booklet accompanies the DVD to guide the user in navigation. 

Delyth’s astounding Celtic artwork is brilliant, colorful and flows gracefully from one image to the next. Accompanying it, Gilli Smith’s haunting voice reminds one of a wise woman of the woods, as she reads the poetry of both ancient and modern Celtic poets, including her own works as well as that of Dylan Thomas, Robert Graves, John and Caitlin Matthews, Hildegard de Bingen, Taliesin, and Fiona Macleod. The DVD also contains an abundance of information explaining the Celtic pantheon and the symbolism of each figure’s aspects. Druidic wisdom is portrayed through the words of the early poets Taliesin and Amergin.  

Anyone with an appreciation of timeless wisdom and beauty will quickly realize this is not just entertainment or learning, it’s an experience. Beyond the Ninth Wave is the kind of DVD to which you can sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and let its inspiration flow through all your senses. It will take you on a mystical journey to the border between worlds.

--Kathleen Cunningham Guler,
 author of A Land Beyond Ravens