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Celtic Culture

Ystradfellte Falls

For nearly three thousand years, people of Celtic heritage have evoked the magical words of timeless tales and conveyed them through literature, music, art and dance. For those who inherit this legacy, the gift of creativity seems so strong that it appears to be born into the soul and passed down through generations too numerous to count. 

Once dominating much of Europe north of the Alps as well as the British Isles, the Celts are now generally thought of as being condensed into six small nations: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of rolex replica watches Man, Brittany and Cornwall. Yet Celtic culture has not diminished in size to become merely a tourist's idea of kilts, bagpipes, harps, step dancing and whiskey. Rather, a vast spectrum of tradition continues to renew and recreate itself.

It has been said of the ancient Celts that they dreamed their history, that there was no division between it and mythology. Indeed, ancestors that were revered historically often evolved into deities within the Celtic pantheon. However, this should be by rolex replica uk no means interpreted that the Celts made up history. Rather, it should be understood that Celtic society across Britain and Europe was mainly of the oral tradition, their histories sung by bards in a poetic format meant to keep the stories alive and able to survive war, famine, social and political upheavals. It was not until the Middle Ages that the swiss replica watches tales began to be written down.  Many are still well known, including those of King Llyr and his daughters, King Arthur, Cuchulain, faeries, dragons, and too many more to list.

Our quest is to promote, inspire, inform and continue the rich, vibrant traditions of the Celts. One of the ways to do this is through lively and informative articles and essays about Celtic history, culture, mythology, symbolism, and spirituality. Click on the links below to learn more about Celtic culture.

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