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Welcome to the land of bards!

Our quest is to help the wonderfully inspiring traditions of Celtic culture to not only survive but to flourish as well, from its ancient beginnings to its modern evolution

We are independent publishers who specialize in Celtic-themed novels and anthologies of poetry and short fiction. On occasion we also carry items from other vendors with complementary products.

Bardsong Press
 is pleased to announce


WINNER of the 2010 Colorado Book Award
in Historical Fiction

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A Land Beyond Ravens

"...intriguing and suspenseful..."
—Sharon Kay Penman,
NY Times bestselling author of
Here Be Dragons and Falls the Shadow

"...intricately crafted language alive with authentic detail..."
—Jen Delyth - artist and author of
Celtic Folk Soul, Art, Myth and Symbol

"...fast-paced and surprising..."
—Mark Adderley, author of The Hawk and the Wolf

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